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Cultural Affairs
  • Bureau Cultural Affairs & Exploration
"You still think like the thirsty jackal that runs toward a mirage. He collapses in the sands, though he would have found the hidden stream if only he searched the rocks he sprinted past!”
Saikhalar, Sword-Master

Well Met Traveler,

Contemplate Sword-Master Saikhalar’s words before you enter the Bureau of Cultural Affairs & Explorations. Strength of body is admirable but true strength comes from within. Mind, body, & spirit. Here in the Bureau of Cultural Affairs & Explorations (or Cultural Affairs internally), you will need these attributes and more to carry out the goals of the Society.

About now you may be inquiring as to what we do here at the Bureau. First let me welcome you. If you are here it is because you share our passion for culture, exploration, knowledge, and politics.

The Bureau strives to not only forge relations in lands near and far, but to accumulate, study, archive, and edify for the benefit of the Society and our world.

We are the emissaries, scholars, custodians, and cultivators of relations, history, lore, events, and relics. Our actions will create a deeper appreciation and understanding of ourselves and our world.

I invite you to mingle and explore, read our “Commissions
” and “Code of Ethics notices to learn what positions are currently available as well as Bureau expectations.

Fortune favors the bold!

~Nahla Leki
Yokeda of Current Affairs & Exploration

hello & welcome!

the bureau of current affairs & explorations is heavily influenced by role play aspects of the game. if you decide to join this faction of the Society you will be considered a genial face of the Black-Thorne Society, expected to encourage role play in & without the guild.

this isn’t to say we don’t engage in other aspects of the game. what it does mean is that we infuse role play into everything we do. the goals of this specific faction are to explore the lore of Elder Scrolls, the Society, to engage in the Community & Game, to forge & foster relationships in & out of the guild, & encourage world role play and story opportunities.

it’s a place to explore your creativity & the creativity of others. please read our “ranks” (Commissions) & rules (Code of Ethics). should you find you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! most importantly I hope you enjoy yourself & have fun!